Reasons why we need a RESUME

  • Through a resume, employers can easily screen potential employees. A resume contains most of the basic facts and background such as the employees educational qualifications, work experience, contact details etc.
  • A resume is a fantastic tool that can be used to create a favorable impression. A well prepared resume can serve as an effective marketing tool to advertise your personal brand to potential employers.
  • A resume can also boost your confidence level. It helps you mentally prepare for the position you are seeking. It also helps you stay organized, and thereby access your skills for the job.
  • A resume provides you with an opportunity to tell potential employers that you have the ability and qualifications required to make it to the top.
  • A resume can be used as a business card when you want to conduct informational interviews to test opportunities coming your way.
  • A resume also provides a sense of security. One can seek better job offers by providing their updated resume to potential employers.
  • Without a good resume, your job search might last longer than it should.