Marketing Resume guide for fresher

Marketing Resume Tips:

Your marketing resume must demonstrate relevant work experience in a clear and concise manner. Everything must be cleverly written to create a winning impression.

Marketing Resume Template: A look below at the marketing resume template.

Contact Information:
1. Full name
2. Campus and permanent addresses
3. Telephone numbers
4. Email address

Objective: Include brief and short sentences about your skills, position and industry.

Qualification Summary: This section is meant only for experienced professionals. Example: Professional consultant with more than seven years of experience in Information Technology.

Education: Make sure to mention the most recent degree first.

  • Institution Name (City and State)
  • Degree, Major ( Year)
  • GPA (optional information)

Skills: Make use of appropriate industry terms and keywords to describe your skills. For example, computer skills, languages etc.

Experience: Include the most recent one first while highlighting your contributions and achievements, preferably with numbers.

Activities: Community and campus activities can be included over here. If you have a membership in a professional organization, be sure to mention that as well.

Personal: Security clearances, special prizes, certificates, patents and citizenship can be listed down under this section.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Avoid the use of ‘I” “My” and “Me” in the resume
  • Your skills must have a connection with the job position you are seeking
  • Personal activities and hobbies that do not have any relevance to the job should be avoided.
  • Establish a link between your new skills and the pursuing job.
  • An ideal marketing resume must also have the answers to the following questions outlined below:
  • Special additions from your end that will prove to be helpful in the new job?
  • What awards and recognitions you have received in the past?
  • What problems did you overcome during your last job?

Summary of the Resume:

  • Keep the resume short and up to the point.
  • Have a clear job objective.
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Make use of action verbs.

Approve, advise, accelerate, analyze, assemble, arrange, assist, build, complete, conceive, complete, collect, create, control, conduct, coordinate, delegate, discover, demonstrate, develop, design, deliver, detect , direct, distribute, establish, edit, establish, eliminate, examine, evaluate , expand, expedite ,formulate, generate, improve, implement, increase, install, influence, instruct, lead, manage, motivate, maintain operate, organize, obtain, order, originate, oversee, plan, produce, promote, prove, purchase, participate, perform, propose, pinpoint, prepare, present, process, program, protest ,provide, receive, record, recommend, reduce, reinforce, revise, reorganize, represent, review, research, revamp, schedule, setup, select, structure, solve, supervise, sell, streamline ,study, support, test, teach, train ,write.

Sample Marketing Resume - Take a look at the sample marketing resume provided below:
  1. Sample Marketing Resume 1