Netowrk Engineer fresher Resume Guide/ Sample download

A network engineering resume must mainly focus on one’s technical skills. To do so, you will have to include Technical Expertise or Technical Summary section in your resume. Further, you can split the section into subcategories for an easy read.
Generally, network engineering resume have a plain and simple format. The key over here is to place oneself into the hiring manager’s shoes to be able to prepare an effective resume.
Keep the resume focused
Strong emphasis must be placed on one’s goals and background. Goal oriental statements give out a good message about the candidate.

Based on the position you are seeking, some of the below examples can be used suitably.

  • Programming/languages
  • Hardware
  • Networking/protocols
  • Technical certifications
  • Operating systems
  • Database applications
  • Web applications

Make it a point to mention some of your soft skills as well in the “Career Summary” section. This will strengthen your network engineering resume. At the end of it, the resume must be short and well presented with the help of bullet points and appropriate headlines. After all, lengthy resumes might prove to be a great turn off for the hiring managers.
Computer and other technical knowledge should be mentioned in brief. Ideally, you are advised to include the duration of the course, the institution from where the course was completed along with the content of the course. You can also include assignments that you have successfully completed in the past. Any relevant degree or certificate that goes well with the pursuing job profile should be included as well.
Draw Attention to your Achievements
Mention how your past performance helped the previous company. List down all your achievements and the initiatives taken by you that has benefited the company. Draw attention to your core skills and major accomplishments.

Use Keywords:
Depending upon the position you are seeking, you need to use appropriate keywords in your network engineering resume. Generally, candidates make use of certain applications and programs as keywords in a technical resume.

Points to Remember:
1. Make sure to list your recent work experience first.
2. Refrain from entering your personal areas of interest and hobbies that carry no relevance to the job you are seeking

Sample Network Engineer Resume: Have a look at the list of Network Engineer resume provided below:

  1. Sample Network Engineer Resume 1