Engineering fresher Resume Guide

An ideal engineering resume must focus mainly on one’s technical skills. To ensure that one’s technical skills get noticed in a resume, one must add few sections in a resume such as “Technical Summary” or “Technical Knowledge”. One is also advised to break these sections into subcategories for a better read. The key is to place yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes to get a realistic prospective. Accordingly, one can prepare an effective resume that will demonstrate one’s skills and knowledge in the field of engineering.

Keep the Resume focused

While preparing an engineering resume, one must place strong emphasis on one’s goals. One can include their past working experience and projects to illustrate one’s achievement and interest in the field. A goal oriented statement can give the hiring managers a clear picture about the specific position you are seeking. For instance, one can include one of the following examples, whichever is applicable.

For example include the following that is applicable to you
  • Hardware
  • Technical certifications
  • Networking/protocols
  • Languages/programming
  • Operating systems
  • Database applications
  • Web applications

You can also highlight some of your soft skills to strengthen the resume. That being said, you don’t have to end up with a lengthy piece of work. An ideal resume should be short and up to the point, yet it should effectively demonstrate all your achievements. While including computer/technical expertise in the engineering resume, you must also include a brief content of the course in addition to the duration and result of the course. Preferably, you can mention the name of the institute as well. Any value added project or qualification that can boost your engineering profile should also find a place in your resume.

Highlight your Achievements
Make it a point to highlight your achievements by demonstrating how your abilities helped the company. Highlight your performances and initiatives that benefited the company in terms of improved efficiency, reduced expenses etc.

Make use of Keywords
The keywords that you will be using in your resume will hugely depend upon the engineering position you are seeking. Certain applications and programs are often used as keywords while preparing a technical resume.

Points to be Noted
1.Make sure to mention the most recent work experience first followed by other jobs performed by you in a chronological order.
2. Do not add unnecessary length to your resume by including irrelevant hobbies and areas of interest.

Sample Engineering Resume- Have a look at the list of sample engineering resumes provided below:
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