Resume Preparation a simple resume prep guide

A resume plays a great role in evaluating a candidate's ability. Hiring managers generally look for achievements, educational qualifications and power words while going through a resume to gauge a candidate's ability. There is no other way to create a favorable and strong impression in the minds of the hiring managers other than a resume during the first contact. The resume should be readable, presentable and of good quality to be able to create a stand out impression.

While preparing your resume, you can integrate the following words and phrases to ensure effective marketing during the job seeking process. The below mentioned words and phrases are used in one specific example. However, you can use them to describe a number of different job positions, professional activities and achievements.

1. Esteemed management profile leading the entire advertising and corporate marketing department.
2. High profile public relationship manager working with the organization's management team to launch the company's product in the European market.
3. Great presentation and communication skills.
4. Channel for change, performance improvement and reengineering.
5. Change agent with a successful track record of retraining all the clinical care personnel to help them face the challenges of the changing market conditions.
6. Implemented a number of initiative programs for improved quality and productivity.
7. Been known for bringing about fast track growth in the emerging market.
8. Lead to the launch of number of cutting edge video teleconferencing technologies.
9. Ensured business growth from the ground level to its current position.

10. Responsible for implementing dynamic sales culture to support the launch of new products.
11. Devised a complete redesigning strategy and introduced refined technologies to exceed production goals.
12. Made way for improved corporate infrastructure to streamline internal finance, accounting and MIS functions.
13. Took proactive steps for pioneering the launch of new products and for effective strategic planning.
14. Developed a new distribution and transport operation from the front.
15. Retained all front line personnel through improved customer satisfaction level.
16. Lead to the introduction of trendy products.
17. Made changes to the organization's health care reforms to expand coverage while bringing down the expenses.
18. Gave acceptance to equity participation with developing organizations that provide international trade financing for development nations.
19. Lead to super fast promotion by bringing about a change in a number of administrative activities.
20. Played a critical role in the success of a budding organization.
21. Instrumental in providing vision and direction to meet the changing market demands.
22. Chosen from a herd of more than 250 professionals for a top position in a multinational company.