Defence fresher Resume Guide/ Sample download

A military/ Defence Personnel resume must demonstrate your interpersonal, communication and analytical skills. Beside these skills, it must present a picture that you are more than willing to develop and use new skills in an effective manner.

Military Resume Template: A look below at a military resume template.

Contact Information:
1. Full name
2. Campus and permanent addresses
3. Telephone numbers
4. Email address

You should define your civilian job objective in a clear and concise manner. Your objective must match the job position you are seeking.
Summary of Qualifications: You can include strong statements like the examples given below:
“A highly organized and disciplined person who has served the law enforcement team for more than 8 years” “Ability to take initiative and strong decisions despite the odds”. “Committed towards a military career that can help me improve my skills, while making use of my experience for the betterment of the company”.

Education: Include the most recent degree first.

  1. Institution Name (City and State)
  2. Degree, Major ( Year)
  3. GPA (optional)

Skills: Make use of job relevant keywords while describing your skills.

Military Background/ Experience: Candidates with strong military background and experience will definitely have an upper edge over other candidates. The general assumption is that candidates with relevant job experience will learn things faster as opposed to those who lack experience. Therefore, one’s military experience must be marketed properly in the resume. In addition to military background, qualities such as dedication, hard work, commitment, team work, positivity carry great value in the military field.

Accomplishments: Include detailed information about your achievements and the areas in which you have performed exceptionally well during your career.

Activities: Inclusion of professional membership, communal activities and campus projects can prove to be helpful as well.

Personal: Special awards, patents, citizenship, security clearances and certifications can be listed down in this section.
Training/Courses: If you have undergone any special military training or course, do mention that on the resume as well because it will create a favorable impression about you.

Sample Military Resume: Take a look at the sample military resume provided below:

  1. Sample Defence Resume 1