Civil Fresher Resume Tips

A resume speaks a lot about your personality. Hiring managers would be interested in knowing your civil experience. Job assignments such as Proposal Development, Civil Management, On-Site Supervision and Drywall Skills will be taken into consideration. Here are some more pointers on how to prepare a good civil resume.

Make sure to include a summary of your core competencies along with your major strengths and achievements. An ideal civil resume must state quantifiable accomplishments. For instance, it should include figures and information on how you made the company save money and increase their efficiency. Financial specifics of the company's revenue and size should also be included in a civil resume.

Civil Resume Template: The following civil resume template can be used by a candidate
Contact Information :
  1. Your Full name
  2. Education: Campus and permanent addresses
  3. Contact Telephone numbers
  4. Web: Email address
  5. Web Site address if any.

Objective : One must include short statements that talks about one's aspirations and relevant skills that can be used for personal as well as company's growth.

Summary of Qualifications :

You can include powerful statements like the one given below. Make sure that you don't use fake information to impress the hiring manager.
“An established track record of completing time pressed and difficult projects despite all odds”, "Ability to take quick decisions and work in upstream locations with limited communication and minimal supervision”. ”Sound interpersonal skills in addition to professional and positive attitude that can prove to be hugely helpful during dire times”.

Education : You need to list the most recent education qualification first.
  1. Name of the university ( city and state)
  2. Degree, Major ( use correct date format)
  3. GPA ( optional information)

Skills : List down all your civil related skills to create a winning resume. Make use of power words and descriptions that specify that you are an ideal candidate for the job.

Experience : You need to mention the most recent work experience first.

  1. Specify the title of the Job
  2. Mention Past Employer's name and address
  3. List down the Employment dates
  4. Mention about your job accomplishments and responsibilities.

Activities : You can mention an array of activities that can create a favorable impression about you such as professional organization membership, campus assignments, communal activities etc. Do not commit the mistake of taking it for granted that anyone in the civil industry will know what candidates applying for civil jobs have done by merely reading the job title. Poor presentation and lack of description can backfire in a big way. Therefore, do not leave any loose ends. You can have a look at the below mentioned descriptions for reference.

For Example consider the following description of a chunk of experience acquired.

Crew Lead
  • Supervised carpentry, drywall workers and general labor.
  • Was working in conjunction with the General Contractor on important development projects.
  • Handled daily project completion tasks and trades coordination.
A better way to describe your experience is mentioned below:

Site Management
  • Supervised a team of more than 20 carpenters, general labor and drywall hangers while working directly with the General Contractor.
  • Managed projects take off and costs in addition to developing project proposal.
  • Ensured completion of commercial as well as residential civil projects with an annual value of 620,00,000 million.

Keywords : Make use of action oriented words, adverbs and verbs in your statements.

There are many other pointers that you need to bear in mind to ensure that your resume grabs the reader’s attention. You can have a glance at the below mentioned tips while preparing a Civil Engineer resume.

  • Make a note of all the major and time bound projects completed by you on schedule and within the allotted budget.
  • The list of responsibilities handled by you on every major project.
  • Include a detail plan of all stages of construction, including manpower, budget and materials.
  • Mention about the construction phase, including material checks and site inspection.
  • Your contacts with suppliers, managers, subcontractors, supervisors and other clients.
  • New working methodology adopted by you, if any.
  • Contribution made from your end that has resulted into decrease in expenses or boost in revenue.
  • Any other accomplishment worth highlighting.

Sample Civil Resume

Checkout our sample civil resumes below :

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