Consultant Fresher Resume Guide

Your resume serves as a framework that eventually determines whether you would be chosen for an interview or not. Employers would naturally be interested in knowing about your skills and consultant experience. More than often, they would prefer and choose someone with relevant job experience. Below are some tips that you can consider while preparing a consultant resume.

Be sure to include your core skills, strengths and abilities along with quantifiable achievements. You should describe how your presence in the last organization benefited the company in many ways such as reduction in expenses, increased profits etc. The financial specifics of a company such as the company’s size and revenue should also be included to present fact-based information.

Fresher Consultant Resume Template
Contact Information :
  1. Your Full name
  2. Education: Campus and permanent addresses
  3. Contact Telephone numbers
  4. Web Email address
  5. Web Site address if anyy

Objective : Be sure to include short and specific information about your skills and the position you are applying for.

Qualification Summary :

Here are some statements that can be used effectively based on the position you are seeking. “An established track record of handling difficult and time bound projects on schedule”. “Ability to perform efficiently, despite strict deadlines and harsh working environment”

Education : Make sure to list down the recent work experience first in the following order.
  1. Institution name and location.
  2. Degree and major acquired along with correct date format.
  3. GPA (optional information)

Skills : Make a note of your entire consultant related skills so that your resume stands out from the rest. Make use of power words and brief description comprising of action words, verbs and adverbs to impress the hiring managers.

Experience : Make sure to include the most recent work experience first. Here’s the order that can be followed to list down your work experience in a consultant resume.

  1. Title of the Job
  2. Name and location of the Employer.
  3. Employment Dates.
  4. Your roles, responsibilities and achievements.


Be sure to include consultant relevant keywords throughout the resume. There are many companies out there that make use of advanced software to scan suitable resumes. The software is designed to hunt specific keywords that match the skills pertaining to the hiring position. Therefore, it’s important to make use of relevant keywords to pass the software screening.


Sometimes, effective presentation proves to be a difference maker. One must avoid flashy or colored papers for a resume. Also, one must attach a cover letter with the resume along with a business card. Above all, one must review and update their resume after every few months.

Sample Consultant Resume

Checkout our sample Consultant resumes below :

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