Latest Trend in Resume Scanning

Resume scanning is the latest trend in the HR field. However, very few companies make use of this technology. The fact that resumes scanning still has some flaws, paper copies are also maintained to supplement the resume scanning process. To improve your chances of passing the resume scanning process, Gay Cross of Mercantile recommends the following:

  • Stay away from the use of borders or lines
  • Do not use underlying, bold prints and italics
  • Make sure to use clear and large typestyle
  • Do not make use of any other color other than light ivory or white
  • Make sure to draw large and proper margins all throughout the resume
  • Center your contact details such as your name, address and phone number
  • Make sure that you don't use very big fonts for texts
  • Do not enter unwarranted or fake details

If you do not stick to the above mentioned guidelines, you might end up with a messy resume. It has been observed that majority of the resumes once scanned were next to impossible to read. Over here, you might be thinking of sending two resumes to fit the bill- one for scanning purpose and the other one for the print file. Obviously, the answer is "no". The hiring manager is generally flooded with resumes. Considering this scenario, it doesn't make sense to submit more papers. So, you are advised to send only one copy that needs to be scanned. So, you might want to check with the company, if they will scan the resume or not. If they plan to scan the resume, you can forward a resume that can be easily scanned. If not, you can forward a print copy.

We @ Freshers Home take up the responsibility of scanning few resumes for fresh candidates to find errors in them.

You are more than welcome to send your resume at [email protected] with the following subject line, "Please Scan my Resume" Make sure to send your resume in word format.

Please note! We Cannot guarantee that we will scan your resume! How ever depending on availability we will scan, and d get back to you with a modified Resume.

We may also use your resume at our website for the sake of reference for beginners. (Name and address won't be disclosed)